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Lakeya Kitchen discovered Keto in May 2017 after trying every diet pill, shake regimen, and juice cleanse she could find. She had lost 40 pounds over two years of experimenting but once she started Keto and taking Dr. Berg’s advice, she’s now lost an additional 75 pounds in less than a year and has a whole new outlook on life.

“I wish I would’ve have started Keto years ago,” says Kitchen. “I wouldn't have done crash diets or any other gimmick. Just intermittent fasting and Keto from day one. Could've saved a ton of money!”

Like many, Kitchen had struggled with self-esteem due to her weight for decades and when her doctor told her she had the knees of a 60-year-old at only 31, she knew it was time to address her weight. Kitchen came across Dr. Berg’s videos while researching the Ketogenic diet and his advice became her go-to throughout the journey.

“I researched the Keto lifestyle for weeks,” says Kitchen. “I was automatically addicted to the knowledge [Dr. Berg] has and that the information is so easy to follow and understand.”

While she did have the support of her mom, it was important to Kitchen that she was her own #1 supporter. Doing tons of research beforehand helped her feel confident that she wouldn’t need someone to hold her hand through the process.

One of the biggest lessons she learned from Dr. Berg is that everybody is different. At times, Kitchen would work out 6 days per week and even that wasn’t working for her. “The body guide is amazing!” Kitchen exclaims. “We are all so unique but many times try to be the same. We see the results of others and expect the same outcome for ourselves. Find out what works for you.”

Now, Kitchen is excited to be an inspiration for others although there were some challenges along the way. She notes that her mind hadn’t caught up to her body which led to some roadblocks. “I couldn’t fix the outside until I fixed who I was inside,” explains Kitchen.

These days she’s feeling amazing and enjoys much more energy and mental clarity. Her knee and back pain are gone and most importantly she has better self-esteem, more confidence, and self-love. “Get healthy to lose weight, don’t lose weight to get healthy,” says Kitchen, quoting Dr. Berg. “A simple sentence that is so unforgettable. I've made it my weight loss chant and motto.”

Kitchen also expresses how her 7-year-old son encouraged her to stick with it. “I love that I can play with him more, ride scooters and go for walks without feeling tired,” she says. “I want him to grow up in a home where eating heathy and staying active is very important. I want to lead by example and live a healthy lifestyle right before his eyes.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Kitchen loves lifting weights.

Favorite Keto Recipe: Right now, Kitchen loves creating different crustless quiches with veggies, meats, and cheeses to make unique combinations.