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On the day when Krista Simpkins first came across Dr. Berg’s intro video about keto and intermittent fasting, she was at her heaviest weight—300 pounds (136 kg). After watching all Dr. Berg’s videos and reading his book, Simpkins saw why her previous dieting attempts had failed miserably.

She has struggled with her weight all her life. “My husband and I were so overweight and we each had our own health issues as a result,” she said. “We were just ready to get healthy.”

The couple eliminated all processed foods and switched to organic foods wherever they could. First, they cut out snacking but continued with the traditional three-meals-a-day eating schedule. Within a couple of months, they were no longer hungry in the mornings so they decided to eat only lunch and dinner within a six-hour period, to take advantage of the benefits of intermittent fasting. Simpkins is not a veggie person but she gets her greens by adding them to her smoothies—another great tip the couple learned from Dr. Berg.

Of course, it was helpful that her husband went along on this keto journey, but Simpkins has had no desire to give up. “Honestly, this has just seemed so easy!” she said. “I know I’ll never go back to my old way of eating because I don’t miss it at all.” She added that just following Dr. Berg’s advice as well as she can has made the process surprisingly simple and effective.

Simpkins loves feeling healthy. She no longer is tired all the time. The couple scored high marks at their latest checkups this year, which also revealed that they’re no longer in danger of developing diabetes.

After having lost 150 pounds (68 kg) by eating two meals a day on the 16:8 intermittent fasting schedule, she started to plateau. That’s when she began OMAD, something she wished she had done all along in her keto journey.  

Earlier this year, Simpkins was featured on the cover of Woman’s World Magazine thanks to her impressive success with keto and she’s now a Dr. Berg Certified Keto Coach. In total, she’s lost 187 pounds (85 kg) and counting.

“The difference is night and day!” says Simpkins. And she advises: “If I can do this, anyone can. Just do it!”

Check out her website at www.livingtheketogoodlife.com and her interview with Dr. Berg here.

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