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Catherine Mazzarella

Catherine Mazzarella

I was always kind of thin growing up. But I wasn’t eating very healthy. I think this unhealthy eating caught up with me when I got pregnant with my first child. My pregnancy made me gain 50 pounds. Even after  the baby weight came off, I still retained an extra 30 pounds. 

People in my family have all battled with weight issues and I felt like I was catching up with them. 

I tried to work out, eat healthier, and get rid of the extra weight but I was pretty much in the dark. I tried different diets but nothing worked. 

I cut off gluten and junk food and I tried eating grains. However, I didn’t really have a formal diet. I took a dance class where you worked out with your baby—but I was stuck with all this fat—especially around my belly. 

Then, I got pregnant again.

I tried a diet called Whole 30. I got back down to a lower weight but never got back to my initial  pre-pregnancy weight. Then I discovered Dr. Berg’s program and videos. I started researching all the things he talked about. I started eliminating all the foods that spiked Fat Storing Hormone according to Dr. Berg, such as potatoes and fruit. Sure enough, I started shedding off the extra weight. 

From not being able to lose a pound with diet and exercise, I was able to lose thirty pounds in six months post-partum. I have great energy, and I was able to dump the belly fat and inflammation.

I feel great.

I also LOVE making all these keto-friendly recipes and so does my son. He loves Dr. Berg’s Pizza recipe with the cauliflower crust. 

In fact, except for eating fruits, my kids are doing the ketogenic diet. I also give my son Dr. Berg’s wheatgrass juice powder. He drinks that instead of juice and love it. 

I am always making new keto recipes that I learn from Dr. Berg. One of my favorite things about this diet, in fact, is its versatility. 

Today, I cannot believe I used to eat all the grains and sugars that I did.

Today, I only eat one to two meals a day. I’m never hungry. I’m always feeling full and satisfied. I NEVER feel the need to snack. 

I’m a teacher, and I don’t get off work till around 3 o’clock. Yet, I have ZERO cravings for even a snack when I get home from school. I never feel faint or weak—I never feel hungry. 

I always feel full and energetic – even when I’m nursing my new baby. You think it would be impossible to eat only one to two meals a day while you’re nursing. On the contrary, you have more energy to do the intermittent fasting WHILE you’re nursing! 

I don’t miss carbs at all. I love the “spaghetti recipe” with the spaghetti squash and tomato sauce. I never feel like I’m missing out on anything.

I’m so glad I kept all those clothes from before my first pregnancy—because I can wear them today!

I’m down to 120 pounds and I feel and look great! I’m slimmer than I’ve ever been.

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