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Naomi Adler's Story

Naomi Adler's Story

Naomi Adler is a 37-year-old mother of two young children living in a small community in the southern part of Isreal. Since the age of 5, she has struggled with obesity and when she was 14, she was diagnosed with PCOS.

Throughout early adulthood she tried many diets including vegan, raw vegan, Weight Watchers, and others, but she never felt that her body was in a good place.

“I think the initial eating was emotionally based and then it became a comfort,” said Adler. “I never felt that I had any control over what I put in my mouth.”

Recently, Adler realized that if she wanted to have a third child, she’d need to make a change. She gained 80 pounds (36 kg) during her first two pregnancies and by the end of her second pregnancy weighed 286 pounds (130 kg).

I wanted to be a healthy mom for my kids and wanted to get pregnant again. I knew my body wouldn’t be able to handle all the excess weight of a pregnancy when it was already carrying so much excess weight right now,” she said. “I came to the understanding that this is the most important thing I need to focus on right now and this is my top priority. I decided that another baby was more important to me than the food I like.”

So, Adler began eliminating gluten and desserts. That went well for a few months. But after watching “The Pill” on Netflix, she realized that she wanted to change her way of eating not only to get pregnant, but also to prevent disease in the future.

Not knowing anything about keto prior to starting, Adler wanted to learn everything she could about it. She found Dr. Berg’s videos on YouTube and watched many of them, taking notes and then watching them again and again.

From Dr. Berg, she learned how to start keto and IF, the importance of good fats and what types to eat, how you can use blood tests to check on your health, and most importantly that keto is not a diet, but a lifestyle.

Adler and her husband began keto on July 28, 2019 and they have supported each other along the way. The only thing she would have done differently is make this lifestyle change sooner.

“I feel like there is no comparison between the way I was before I changed my diet and lost the weight, and today,” she said. “I have healed my food addiction and I have full control over what I eat. I eat twice a day and fast without any difficulty. I have so much more energy and joy in my life.”

“I think maybe the most challenging part is really knowing where my protein comes from and sourcing the very best-quality proteins and vegetables,” said Adler. “[But] seeing the numbers drop, getting the compliments, not feeling anxious about food and not feeling hungry, and knowing that I don’t need to think about the next meal while I’m eating the present meal [are some of the best parts].”

Since starting keto, Adler has lost 45 pounds (20 kg). She stays encouraged by the way she feels now and by knowing that there’s science behind this way of eating.

“I know I want to live my absolute best life and this is the way to do that,” she said.

To someone reading her story who might be thinking about trying keto, Adler said: “Find your why and understand that this is a process. One person’s way of eating keto may work for them, but you are different and you have to find what works for YOU. This is a lifelong journey and there will be days when you want a piece of fruit or a bite of cake or pasta - and even if you eat it, move on, be kind to yourself, and go back to the way of eating immediately after. Be proud of yourself that you are doing the absolute best for your body, mind, life and family.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: HIIT, Tabata workouts, walking, and yoga

Favorite Keto Recipe: Chocolate pudding

Instagram: @naomiketomama

Facebook: Naomi P Adler

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