Michael Chauca's Story

Michael Chauca was the type of person who loved carbs, sweets, and sodas and never ate his vegetables. His background is Peruvian; he asserts that Peruvian food is the best of all.

At his annual checkup in June 2019, his blood test results showed that he was pre-diabetic. He weighed 233 pounds (106 kg) and his A1C levels were close to being too high, so his doctor recommended exercise and eating better.

“Keep in mind, I have done most diet fads that [have] come and gone,” said Chauca, “from shakes to juicing, but as always once you stop, my weight would just skyrocket again. So of course, I said to myself ‘I will start on my diet tomorrow’ and it didn't happen.”

A month after his checkup he became sick with a stomach virus following a trip. He realized he was tired of feeling the aches and pains of carrying too much weight. He decided to start his keto journey in August as an attempt to prevent sickness and lessen his pain.

Chauca has known Dr. Berg for over 15 years; he is best friends with a woman named Roxana, who works on Dr. Berg’s team. With Dr. Berg’s informational videos and support from Roxana, who is also now his Keto Coach, Chauca has seen incredible success so far. “One thing that stuck out to me [from Dr. Berg’s videos] was keeping it simple,” he said. “While starting with the meal plans, keep it simple and don't overthink it. In time, you will develop a meal plan best for you.”

Chauca mentioned that the hardest part of any diet he’s tried was staying disciplined. He would even have nightmares about eating carbs or sugar! “There is always a setback, or ‘cheating’ phase,” he said. “Going from eating all the processed foods, sugar, carbs, fruits, and sodas, it was difficult.

“But with keto I was seeing the results, not just in the pounds I was losing but also in inches. 

“There was a quote I read somewhere and it stuck with me: ‘Losing weight is a mental challenge, not a physical one. If you take control of your mind and body, the weight loss will follow.’” Despite some struggles, Chauca said the best part of this keto journey is that he hasn’t cheated or given up.

“I have been so disciplined that I pat myself on the back. I receive compliments and a relook from friends and family that I haven't seen since my journey,” he said. “It’s great, because I also get to share what I have been doing and encourage others as well.”

In only three months, Chauca has lost 45 pounds (20 kg). His doctor was amazed at his weight loss and happy about his updated blood test -- which showed improved results across the board.

“I feel and look like a new person,” he said. “So much more energy, better sleep, no more aches and pains. And self-love; I love myself more than before.”

To someone reading his story, Chauca shared this message: “Love yourself. You have so much life to live, so why not start with you? Have fun with it too. Since I've started, I have been baking, cooking, and looking to encourage anyone struggling with their journey.”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Walking, hiking, and weight training

Favorite Keto Recipe: “Since I have a sweet tooth, [I like] baking keto chocolate chip cookies, keto brownies, and keto cakes,” said Chauca.

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