Brandon Moore's Story

Brandon Moore began his keto journey after reaching a low point in his life. He was physically and emotionally unhealthy: suffering from hypertension, diabetes, and alcoholism. He would regularly pass out and found it difficult even to tie his shoes.

“One evening I was looking in the mirror and absolutely hated who was looking back,” said Moore. “I was disappointed and disgusted [at] how far I drove myself down.”

Eventually, it was the thought of letting his son down that helped him change his life for the better by trying keto.

Moore heard about Dr. Berg from a close friend at work and learned a lot from his videos.

“[The major lesson I learned from Dr. Berg was] I suppose, focusing on getting healthy to lose weight, not [on losing] weight to get healthy! It really is so much better to do it this way,” he said. “Also using intermittent fasting and doing two meals a day greatly helps with weight loss and overall [feeling] good. And last but not least, to trust the process and realize your body must first fix itself inside before the outside, so be patient and trust the process!”

Moore posted his progress on Facebook and received a lot of encouragement from family, friends, and even strangers — which helped keep him motivated. But his major motivator was being there for his son.

“The thought of not being around for my son was something that I would never allow to happen,” he said. “It was at that moment I said no more and everything just clicked. I quit everything that day cold turkey!”

The hardest part about losing weight for Moore was hitting plateaus and figuring out how to get past them. But the best part was being able to eat “copious amounts of bacon.”

Still, if he could do it all over again, he said he would slow down on the intermittent fasting to give his skin time to react and would use more coconut oil for stretch marks and to help with loose skin.

In 11 months, Moore lost 85 pounds (39 kg) and feels “incredible.”

“I can touch my toes again with ease and I feel stronger and not so foggy-minded,” he said. “It took more will power than I've ever put towards anything in my life, but it was worth every second.”

To someone reading his story, Moore had this to say: “YOU CAN DO THIS! Trust the process and remember it's a journey, not a race. Give your body time to fix what needs fixing. Also, you get out what you put in. So, find your rock, ground your feet, and go to work!”

Favorite Way to Exercise: Lifting heavy weights and doing short HIIT workouts

Favorite Keto Recipe: Mozzarella-stuffed garlic meatballs

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