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I love the way I feel on the Keto!


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When I started I was about 65 pounds overweight. I began my keto journey on January 4, 2020. After a bit of a fumbling start I settled in on OMAD, eating my one meal at noon. By mid April I was down 40 pounds, an average of 13 pounds weight loss each month. When all the COVID 19 restrictions were put in place, my home situation changed and my stress level increased dramatically. I lost motivation and control over my keto diet and intermittent fasting . Here is what I don’t understand : I only gained back 2 pounds in the last 3 months without doing keto or IF. I’m astounded! Now I’m attempting to get into ketosis again and lose the final 25 pounds to reach my original goal. I loved the way I felt on keto, No anxiety, my mental focus was great, I slept like a baby, I saved a lot of money on groceries eating only once a day. Your electrolyte powder was a tremendous help, along with the nutritional yeast capsules. Please put out some videos on how to maintain weight loss and still keep control of Fat Storing Hormone, glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure issues. Thanks so much for the videos, you’ve been my go-to guy for answers to my questions, and a big part of my success thus far..

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