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I like to make a notes of the white board



I've been intermittent fasting for a year. I started by just restricting my eating window to 6 hrs. I got into Keto about 6 months ago but was not really eating correctly for it but I lost 25 lbs (190 to 165). But Dr, Steven Gundry's book, The Plant Paradox, opened my eyes to a lot more than lectins, good foods, bad foods, etc, but also to our bodies nutrient needs. such as what the differences of a specific nutrient type and cause such as Calcium Carbonate as you have also explained. I purchased your special offer recently and am enjoying the new knowledge. Now, I follow your teachings daily. Your methods of teaching are similar to mine. I use a board and have always used pictures to illustrate also. May I suggest that you show the board without standing in front of it prior to starting your videos. I like to take screen shots of the board because it's one of the best techniques of note taking. It's June 2020. I've just ordered a book chelation therapy so that I can safely begin taking EDTA, I was a welder of exotic metals for most of my life so there is a good chance that some is in me. Also, taking the Body Evaluation, showed me that some of my difficulties may be caused by toxic metals. I am 78 years old and am rejuvenating my body. The Keto life is the most beneficial thing I've done in a long time. In just a month though,. I've had vast progress. I think we believe in other things too. I heard that you are a Scientologist so I looked it up. What a surprise to learn that what I have believed in for the last 50 years was the same as Scientology! I constantly study metaphysics and life enhancement methods. I am doing all I can on all fronts to improve myself. thanks to you I am learning much faster than I could have on my own. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Best regards, Bob

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