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I'm very happy on the IF!

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By: Marciano Ariel

When I first thinking about fasting I think that fasting is so intimidating for cause what not eat for 10+ hours I think that will make me suffering more than cutting Calories like my old diet but then I saw the Dr. Berg video about fasting and my Calories deficit diet not working for me and just make me even more stress and craving like crazy then I decided to start fasting and suprisingly after 14 hours fasting im felling good and felling happy and not craving and doing a fasted cardio and fasted gym session make me feel more energetic then I started to challenge myself to take the fasting to the next level I tried 15,16,17,18,19,20,21 hours don't know why I'm felling happy not like the usual cutting Calories diet fasting make me happy and does not make me craving anymore and when the fasting period im not feeling that hungry and I think fasting is very enjoyable but, I still cannot doing keto diet cause it very hard to do a keto cause I live in Indonesia and in Indonesia love carbs and its very hard for me to lowering my carbs cause my mom always made me a high carbs food hahaha but still fasting is enough.

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