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Carmen Elena O. Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Carmen Elena O.

UPDATE: 5 months and 5 days Start weight: 370 lbs Weight loss to date: 89 lbs Current weight: 281 lbs -I have No more Pre Diabetic -No more knee surgery needed -No more depression. -No more anxiety. OFF MEDS 2 MONTHS -Hypothyroid levels getting better. I can't thank you enough, Dr. Berg, for all the free information you offered me through your videos. You have saved my life with your method of intermittent fasting and ketogenic diet. I bless you and yours every day for all you've done for me Thank you! My goal to lose 200 lbs And I know I can. They're getting better. I'm taking collagen and everything else is perfect. I'm healthy like a 20-year-old

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