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Levi Whitlock Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Levi Whitlock

Tried keto two times, but didn't last longer than a few weeks and only lost a few pounds. Really struggled. Found hidden matlodextrin in my stevia, removed that and got RIGHT into ketosis. 32 year old male. Went from 195 to 170 in 5 weeks. Sleeping better, workout at the gym is EASIER and can push even more weight than i could before on carbs. I FEEL healthier and more energy and mind clarity. Plus super human smelling ability. I have watched MOST of your videos and REALLY appreciate all the VERY helpful information and insights on keto and nutrition and recipes and overall health advice. I have gotten several friends on keto now who have all had similar success. Chase Smith 20 – 168 to 150 in 2 weeks, runner, intermittent fasting Josh Bangerter 26 – 220 to 180 in 4 months, intense cardio 1-2 hours daily, no calorie counting Danial Opoulos 35 – 330 to 280lbs in 5 months, no exercise, no calorie counting I can't help be be supremely grateful for all your hard work and research and videos that have helped me and so many others, so THANK YOU.

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