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Thanks and love from the heart


By: Georg Marcus

Good Morning Dr. Berg.

1- Before I say anything about my story. I want to tell my story with your customer service, especially Francis and Mary. Although the order was delayed due to customs, Francis and Mary were always in contact with me and provided solutions for the delay, and they are always ready to solve any order related problem. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and, in particular, the trust you have placed in me. Such a commitment is certainly not a natural matter. You have all my respect and thanks for your kind treatment, sympathy and patience with me.... Thank you so much for your Team, Dr.Berg. 

2-  My story began in September 2020 after a 4-month illness Corona Virus and before Corona virus-Pneumonia. I wanted to find something that strengthens my immune system. By searching, I found Dr. Berg talking about keto on YouTube. I felt comfortable and confident in his words and really started to watch all of Dr. Berg's videos....In English and Arabic because I could not find it in German.  And I started to improve greatly in my health and also in my immune system. Nevertheless, I am from Austria. I am 58 years old and 168 cm tall and my weight last year before the illness was 97 kg, but now with the ketogenic diet and the Advice from Dr. Berg, my weight is now 73 kg and I have good health, and I exercise regularly. Now I feel the sweetness of life in good health and knowing where 80 percent of diseases come from. Dr.Berg, I thank you very much because you have changed many lives, and I will always be in touch with all the new of your videos and advice. We love you Georg

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