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Matthew Fish Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Matthew Fish

So this past holiday season was very good to me food wise! A whopping 315 pounds on Christmas. As the months go united to January and February I kept eating and gaining weight until the bigger clothes I had purchased to accommodate my eating habits literally started bursting st the seams, my nice button ups could not have been stretched anymore and it was embarrassing to walk around the office with clothes to small and these were 2xl shirts... Something had to change, so I had heard of keto and tried it for a couple weeks “really it was just not eating any carbs at that point, and this was mid February and I gave up and started eating 3 whoppers and Chinese food and multiple large subs it was horrible! First week of April I had literally had enough and started eating all protein/fat and no carbs for me I hate counting anything so to just completely cut out carbs all together even vegetables and just eat protein pork eggs bacon cheese that was all I ate and it was working wonderfully I was losing 10 lbs a week while still eating as much as I wanted just no carbs but then just recently actually about halfway through May I started having stomach pains feeling groggy and just fatigued my body was off and come to find out not eating vegetables was not allowing me to detox the bad proteins from my system thanks to information provided by Dr Berg who I started following at that time because I knew I needed to correct my diet. With the information obtained from watching Dr Berg I fixed my diet and entered ketosis within 3 days! And what an amazing feeling. Dr Berg thank you so much for doing what you do For the thousands if not millions you are helping! Yours truly, Matthew Fish

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