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Steve Supple Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Steve Supple

One year ago, I started going to the gym. I was 52 years old, gaining weight fast and normally not feeling the best. I was struggling at work and my immune system wasn’t doing much. I made a decision to go to the gym, start the Keto diet and try intermittent fasting. Today, one year later, I’ve lost 11 kilos, I have more strength and energy. and I rarely get sick. I got a series of blood tests done recently and all were good. Being physically healthy is just the first step for me. I’m now also focusing on being mentally, professionally, financially and relationally fitter as well. I’m now 53 and looking forward to the future more than ever. And of course, a big thank you to Dr Berg for showing us how our bodies actually work.

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