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Now I weigh 78.6kg (20-Jun'18) and started my journey on 3-Jan'18.

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By: Sai K.

Hi Dr.Berg, I'm Sai K. from India aged 22, and an avid follower of your youtube videos on Fat loss, Keto diet, and Intermittent Fasting. I have been following wrong diet habits all throughout my life and by Oct'17 I was weighing 106kg and the moment when it became a necessity to maintain a normal BMI for my job application, I've come across your videos. I follow only science and you have given complete insight into how to lose weight in an effective manner without falling ill. I personally feel Keto is the right diet in the world for anyone to start and get confident in shedding Kilos. Now that I have a complete idea of what to eat and what not to, maintaining a balance of all macros and vitamins; your concept of Fat Storing Hormone Resistance made it possible. I've accelerated my process by adding 1hr of the Workout which includes weight training and cardio(20min). I received applause from the organisation which I have challenged and joined and I'm very confident about myself and can defeat any kind of physical regulations being made compulsory for a job. Now I weigh 78.6kg(20-Jun'18) and started my journey on 3-Jan'18. PFA my Before-After Photos. Thank you a lot for your virtual guidance and support. In our native terminology I would refer you as "World's Best Weight Loss Guru" (Guru means Teacher).

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