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Hi, I'm Helene. I am 50 and from ludlow, England. I discovered the keto diet from a close friend who uses Dr.Berg's work for his own health issues with success. I have problems with my weight, I was 3 stones over my ideal weight, and health-wise I had fatty liver and pancreas, heartburn, bloating, tiredness, high cholesterol, sore skin, and patches on the head before going on keto.

I ate healthily but didn't know about the sugar aspect in fruit and the glutamine aspect so I was eating lots of fruit and beans pasta. I started keto in April and within a month I had lost 1 stone in weight and felt better skin cleared up and I had a glow in my face. My cholesterol went from 6.1 to 5.9 in 6 weeks and blood tests came back better. Now I eat salads eggs spinach and kale smoothies with lemon all organic. I started eating radishes sprouts lambs liver, all the foods I didn't like are superfoods. So with the help of herbs and spices, I make them taste amazing and eat them every day. I don't miss bread and on occasion, I treat myself to gluten-free pasta or wraps. I drink spring water with organic slice lemon. I take vitamin a, b complex D3 and k, E, joint supplements, and kelp plus probiotics. All from the cytoplasm in England. I don't stick to kelp religiously but I'm going to for the next 6 weeks again to get another stone off then I'll go again next spring to lose the last stone as I'm doing it slowly no pressure as the well being and relaxed approach is how I keep stress at bay.

I walk for an hour a day around the fields in Shropshire and do yoga, meditation, and gardening for exercise. I've messed up occasionally eating a bar of chocolate or kebab but the idea is to not punish myself but accept I have blips and correct it with a soothing meditation or a smoothie with stem ginger and root turmeric and be kind to myself it's not a mistake it's only a blip like falling off the bike you get straight back on as it makes you happy when you're eating healthy and see results.

Be patient and find what works for you. It's best to fast when you have cravings in the early weeks or symptoms. Tweak it to make you feel better like a little more lemon, a bit more sleep, and meditate. Realize feeling hungry is your body using up your surplus insulin or it's your body detoxing from sugar and it's keto getting to work. Give it time, don't give up, just start again after a long shower and meditation, keep pushing yourself because if you don't look after your health and notice your health, your illness will make you. And if all you think of when you're ill, is how ill you are why not take note of how well or healthy you are and enjoy that reward.

If I could only offer three pieces of advice to someone starting keto, that would be never giving up, research all about your keto, and how to make it work for you your body type, and your lifestyle. Keep a journal of the good days to read on your not-so-good days so you can see how amazing you are and how far you have come.

Be kind to yourself. You are your best friend no one knows you better than you, so trust you, and look after you. Then you can empower teach others to be healthy and the weight it comes off without you even thinking of it as a reward for healthy eating and care. Don’t forget to add images, audio, or video files to maximize the chance of having your story published!

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5155 keto success stories so far. Add yours and inspire others!

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