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By: Taisekwa

My success story has not yet fully unfolded. But here is the beginning of it. I have never been able to stay on a diet effortlessly. All diets and exercise programs that I have ever taken up have needed "self discipline" of a colossal nature. This one has been literally invisible. I must say that the number one reason for that is the OMAD aspect. Being satiated from the fat makes it easy to eat OMAD. Meaning I do not need to think, plan. prepare. organise, etc, etc, etc, for lots and lots of meals. My life is simple. I eat once a day and it is usually the exact same meal as yesterday. If I had been eating several meals, I would need variety, and that would drive me crazy. Now, there is one other thing I want to share...I am now a genius! I can think. plan and execute with such a monstrous velocity and in volumes I have never done before in my life. I have determination and persistent energy that is never faltering. I used to have roller coaster depression where I am high for a while, low for a while, now there is NO LOW. And if it creeps up on me, it cannot survive over night...because after I sleep, the energy I wake up, with cannot accommodate the "feeling low" feeling. The two cannot occupy the same space. Lol. I am H.A.P.P.Y. because of Keto. I look forward to now starting to lose weight, of which, that area is not going on on automatic, I have lost 7kgs but that was in the first month, and I am now in month 4 and have only lost that initial 7kg. I intend soon to start weighing my food to ensure that my 75%, 20%, 5% is accurate. And if it is for a full month and I do not lose the weight, I think I will cut back on my fat, carbs or protein till I find out which of the three monkeys is causing the stall. Dr Berg...you're cool. Thank you for sharing so freely and completely. I plan to enroll with you as soon as I can work it out for a more intimate education and guidance programme.

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