My starting weight in Sept. 2017 was 327 lbs. I was a tight women's size 24-26. I am now in June 2018, 224 lbs. 103 pounds down!

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By: Jenny F.

I started Keto and IF this past year. I started IF with a 16:8 for a few weeks, then moved to the 18:6 for a few weeks, then onto the 20:4. I currently will do a 20:4 with a couple of days of OMAD. In the process, I have done weekly weigh-ins as well as taking measurements every two weeks to track my progress. I was a diabetic and in my time of doing Keto and IF, I have completely reversed diabetes! No more metformin! My triglycerides, cholesterol, and blood pressure are excellent! The doctor said that I couldn't have better numbers than what I currently have and said I don't need to see him for another year. I LOVE my salads and vegetables! My favorite is roasted brussel sprouts with bacon. I also love Mexican food and now will split fajitas with my husband and we put the meat and veggies on a tossed salad. No beans, rice, or tortillas. It has been a great alternative! I have so much more time and energy now. I WANT to be more physically active! I'm currently jogging one mile a day without having to stop or walk and am working on bringing my time down. I've also joined Taekwondo, something I thought I would NEVER do! I've never been athletic. I tried when I was younger, but associated physical activity with torture. I am reprogramming my thinking with this and now look forward to being physically active. I've never been a thin or athletic teen or adult. I went straight to being obese in middle school. I have been obese my entire teen and adult life. I am currently 41 years old and will be 42 in July. I'm working on turning back the clock! I've noticed changes in my skin. It is clearing up and appears more vibrant. I used to have to take 10mg. of melatonin to fall asleep. I don't anymore. I'm sleeping much better. I was a diet soda addict for many years and would drink 64 oz. of diet coke EVERY morning along with my breakfast from McDonald's, before work at 8:00 a.m., just to be able to wake up. I haven't had any soda or fast food since August 3rd of last year and do not miss it at all! I am a teacher and have 2 young boys who are also very active. We are always on the go! Now, instead of living out of paper bags or trays at fast food restaurants, I will pack us salads and healthy keto-friendly foods. My boys love salads now! I didn't have a monthly cycle for 6 years. 3 weeks after starting IF and keto, I got my cycle back and have been regular every month since! I've had a past of hypothyroidism and PCOS. All of this is now gone! I'm no longer on thyroid medication. I have really used Dr. Berg's quote of "we need to get healthy to lose weight," not the other way around has really resonated with me over this journey. My starting weight in Sept. 2017 was 327 lbs. I was a tight women's size 24-26. I am now in June 2018, 224 lbs. 103 pounds down! I have about 65 more pounds to lose, but am enjoying the journey. I wish I would have known about IF and Keto years ago! I've literally done EVERY diet there is out there! I couldn't sustain results long term. I have been able to sustain this and plan to do IF and Keto for the rest of my life!

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