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By: Carl Manning

My name is Carl Manning. I was already doing a high fat but fairly moderate carb diet. But not real low carb. Then I discovered wheat Belly lifestyle. So I then totally eliminated all wheat, grains and sugars from my diet and kept eating all the high fat foods like eggs, butter, full fat cheeses, steaks and hamburgers no bun of course. Plus kept eating lots of vegetables, moderate fruits, nuts, seeds and berries and some fish. But it wasn’t until I totally eliminated all wheat and grains that I became successful. So after two years I went from 265 pounds down to 185 pounds and went from a 44” waist down to a 36” waist. I was also following Dr. Berg’s advice as well. Plus the benefits didn’t end with weight loss. I also got rid of my migraine headaches, hemorrhoids, stiff aching joints and back, and dropped my blood pressure by 30 points. And now after another year have kept all the weight off and all these health benefits too. I would recommend both these diets to anyone. Both Keto and wheat belly.

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