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By: Sandra Mac

In August 2017 I began intermittent fasting and eating a low carb diet. Mainly 5 days a week, with no snacking after dinner. I'm 60 years old. I feel more like 40-50 though! On weekends I eat more 'normally" but in moderation. I eat giant high variety salads 5-6 nights a week for dinner. I eat chicken, fish and or dairy with my salads for protein.I fast for 15-22 hrs most days, drinking water and de-caf coffee with just a spot of milk and sugar. I keep physically active most days. I lost 80 pounds in the course of a year or so. I keep it off by sticking to the lifestyle changes i initially made. By the way- I feel great and am very healthy with low side normal BP and great blood sugar. I still take my calcium and green tea supplements, and some krill oil. Also once a week or two I go crazy and have a bit of pizza or a spot of candy - only human after all- not a robot!

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