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Dad was diagnosed with type II diabetes - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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In April of 2018 my Dad was diagnosed with type II diabetes, he lost a significant amount of muscle, his body was living off his muscle, he was a skeleton, could not believe he was a former body builder. I was looking on YouTube about diabetes and found Dr Berg. I was fascinated and became immersed in watching Dr Berg. As an RN of 33 years I was shocked at how much I didn’t known about Fat Storing Hormone and nutrition. I took a long hard look at myself and could see what was in my future when I looked at my parents, my Dad's diabetes and my Mom obese and difficulty moving. I began healthy Keto and IF, I started on Dr Berg's supplements and 50 pounds melted away. And I am 57 years old- post menopausal! I am most happy to get off of CPAP for sleep apnea, I contribute that to the estrogen balance and adrenal support- I went from a bra size of 38G to 34 D- my breasts no longer suffocate me! Overall inflammation gone, no more plantar fasciitis that used to feel like my heal bone coming out of the bottom of my foot. I drink the ACV and fresh squeezed lemon with water before eating and haven't taken a Tums in over a year!! Thank You Dr Berg and Karen, love making your recipes.

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