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By: Ryan Shand

In April 2017 I weighed 143kg (315lbs) - I was a heavy binge drinker, sedentary and high carb/sugar person. I was diagnosed as having pre-diabetes with a resting BG reading of 9.5 mmol. I was frustrated that I was ill frequently, always out of breath and tired and couldn’t play with my 2 small children. I got serious about weight loss and started eating organic whole foods and walking. As my weight started reducing my walks became jogs and I stumbled across Dr Berg’s Youtube site that got me onto the idea of Keto and IF. I adopted the 18/6 IF eating pattern and Keto and lost about 20kg in 2-3 months. Almost exactly 12 months after starting, in April 2018 I ran my first marathon with a finish time of 3hrs 43 mins and weighed 84kg (184 lbs) I am now training for marathon number 2 and loving life!

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