Fantastic work guys!


By: csaba otto

I'm a skinny energetic 60-year-old male experiencing some symptoms of long-term carb feasting. 2 months of 100 grams carbs down from 3 to 5 hundred a day. Mostly had to remove foods not so much learning to eat new ones. My mother spent 5 to 6 hours a day cooking for her large family. Many healthy keto elements were in my diet as a child. I grow up eating and loving fruits and vegetables. My father had a giant whiskey barrel of sauerkraut in the basement as they had in Hungary for many centuries. I love the sauerkraut. keto for me is a diet of rocket fuel. No wonder I feel strong. intermittent fasting is becoming the new routine. My eyes have improved. I await other healings. Dr. Berg I hope you are starting a nutrition revolution. Fantastic work guys!

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