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Srinivasan S Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Srinivasan S

Ian 50 year old working professional in the SW industry in Bangalore, India. I was diagnosed with grade 2 fatty liver during a regular health check which forced me to do something about it. That's when I came across your videos. I have changed my diet completely after listening to your videos for a fatty liver issue and a burning appetite I used to suffer from just after meals. I used to feel dissatisfied just after a meal and used to eat sweets immediately. Also, I could not bear hunger pangs at about 6pm everyday in my office forcing me to eat unhealthy snacks consisting of some fried cars. I also used to feel hypo glycemic and tried to keep some chocolates handy. My daily diet is as follows - I eat a pancake made of Isabgol and dessicated coconut powder for breakfast since it is the closest to a typical Indian breakfast (DOSA). I have an Omelette and some vegetables and a shake made of buttermilk with ginger, mint leaves and any of the locally available green leaves. At night I have a bowl full of salad. I have been having this diet for about two months now. Gone are the hunger pangs, energy level is up, I look younger with clear skin, I no longer crave for food anymore. I used to get improper sleep, but now sleep is not a problem. The swelling in my feet came down and I feel my liver may be feeling better. I intend to continue on this diet till my fatty liver is healed. Thanks a lot for this altruistic work and for giving the right advice. Allopathic doctors would have treated each problem of mine separately and made a mess with all the side effects. Thanks once again for your great work.

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