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By: Adja van Oers

Dear dr. Berg, My name is Adja van Oers and I am from the Netherlands. I am 54 I am addicted to your bodyinformation, Together with a very nice neighbour I walk twice a week and we talk about you and about keto and about other stuff. I started keto mid January 2018, and two weeks later with IF, I was diagnosed diabetes since May 2017. I was taking Metformine from sept.2017 on. In December the sugargirl told me that the general practitioner also want me on cholesterol pills. I refused since I really don't like to be on medication and I hate it when one pill is followed by another. My bloodvalues on sugar in March 2018 were very good, as wel as my cholesterol. My general practitioner was pleasantly surprised. For certainty she asked me to get on with the metformine for another three months. Mid June my blood was checked again, it was even a little better. So now I am off medication. That is my success story. I lost 16 pounds in half a year, for me that is also really a succes, for the first time in 25 years I have hope that I really can lose weight. In my many attempts (of about 3 months) the weightloss stopt at the maximum of 7 pounds. Unfortunately since six weeks my weightloss stopped. Now I am gonna try the apple cider vinegar, and when it is less hot in the Netherlands I am gonna start interval training. I have a wish for the future: when are you planning to visit Europe, more specific the Netherlands? Since your name sounds Dutch, you may have ancestors in the Netherlands that you can visit, You can also meet your big fans, en bring your book. That would be so cool. Thank you dearly for all your very interesting valuable information. I am very happy that I have met you on the internet. You provide your information with such integrity, it is so good to hear it from you. There is one film in where you tell about your own research, I was very emotional on that one since there was so much passion for the subject. Thank you so much.

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