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By: Gary Wayne Perry

I went to the doctor and found out my blood sugar was a little to high. I was prescribed the medication "metformin". I got the prescription filled and went on a diet. After two weeks I still couldn't control my blood sugar despite the diet. So, I started taking the metformin. I found Dr. Eric Berg on Youtube and followed his advice to the letter. My motivation went from wanting to lose weight to just making sure I ate nutritiously. I started to understand my body chemistry better and how my body processed nutrients as well as the nutrients that were essential. After six weeks and a lot of Dr. Bergs videos, I stopped taking the metformin. My blood sugars stabilized to an acceptable number. After three months I went back to the doctor, I had lost 25 pounds and my doctor said to me " You can stop taking the metformin" I smiled and told him that I did six weeks prior. He has been my doctor for 30 years and he put his hand on my shoulder and said " You did it Gary, you are the exception to what normally happens with my other patients who are " pre-diabetic" , which I know now is " Fat Storing Hormone Resistant" and that term is much more suitable because it really explains causality and leads you down the path of curability. I believe whole heartedly that changing my diet will extend my life and the quality of life as well. I weighed 195 and today I weigh 160. My weight leveled off at 160 on its own. I had a target weight of 170 but when I reached 170, its not like I could change back to my old eating habits. It is worthy to mention that I also am no longer on the two blood pressure medications that I had been taking for 20 years. My blood pressure normalized on its own, I have the energy to exercise and I don't feel like I am going downhill anymore in respect to my health. Lots of leafy greens Fat Ketosis Essential nutrients No Sugar Very few Carbs P.S. I wish I had before and after photos. The thing is people started telling me that I looked to skinny at some point. I realized then that how I looked didn't matter. I it was, HOW I FELT ! Thanks Dr. Eric Berg , YOU SAVED MY LIFE !!!!!!! Sincerely, Gary Wayne Perry Pasadena , Texas

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