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By: Garry Sands

I was in my earlie 30s when I was diagnosed with hi blood pressure and hi triglycerides. I was prescribed medication for both blood pressure came down but nothing shifted the triglycerides. Years went buy my waight slowly increase and so do my blood pressure now I was on three pills each day at 34 years old my dad, who had had all the same illnesses I had plus's Diabetes. Suddenly passed away he was 68. As upsetting as this was it was also a wake up call. Had I really lived half my life? I decided to take control of my health and ever increasing weight. A friend of mine suggest intermittent fasting which I started with a small amount of success. I began looking into fasting more and stumbled on keto. This was life changing for me 6 months in I'm now 16 stone from 22. Today I am off my STATINS and my bloods are completely normal and now have no signed of a fatty liver.

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