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By: Chakee Rita Jamijian Jamijian

I was diagnosed with GERD and the doctor said that the opening of my esophagus is bigger than ususal, and that I need to do an operation to make it tighter or take pantoprazole all my life meaning antiacids, each time I took and then stopped after 2 or 3 weeks my condition got worse. then the doctor said I have to do for 1 month . I took for 1 month then I stopped and my condition got worse. Thanks to Dr Eric Berg after watching his videos I understood what to do and started taking ACV every day and my condition was gone in 2 weeks, the doctor said I had the opening of my osephagus as anatomy and I asked her then why I never had GERD before and she didnt know how to answer. Thanks to DR Berg I understood that the opening gets loose bcz of low stomach acid . And after stopping the anti acid the 1st day of my period was horrible , I had to take out 14 stools believe it or not. It was undigested food sitting there in my colon all because of the antiacids I took. imagine if I continued that I would have colon cancer for sure. Thank you Dr Eric for saving my life

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