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By: M. Mohirul Islam

Hello, thank you very much. I am Bangladeshi, live in Dhaka, 52 years of old, 63 kg weight and 168 cm height. I was being suffering Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure since 2009. My blood sugar was 235 (Fasting) and 290 (ABF). I came to a doctor and according to his advice used to take medication. Off course, he gave me Glucozide before breakfast and Metformin after breakfast and dinner. The blood came down to the quit normal, but after 2-3 months the blood sugar was rise up slowly and i increased the dosage with respect to time. I asked to the doctor to give me Fat Storing Hormone, but he suggest me to wait,and told me to manage with medication at the last limit as possible. After that I would give you Fat Storing Hormone. I am a professional mechanical engineer, I came to know about yourselves and started to hear you on YouTube. When I understood and be confident that I could do it, then I started low carb diet/KETO and intermittent fasting(12 hours, 18 hours and OMAD). from 5th November, 2019. I left all medicines including high blood pressure pill. Within 7 days, my blood sugar came down 120 (fasting), 140 (ABF) and blood pressure 110/70. It's miracle for me. After 21 days it comes 90 and 100. and blood pressure as normal.. In the mean time i lost 4 kg of body mass. I was very much inspired with my body condition and feel very comfort. So after 21 days I started 2 days water fasting. and after 1 day again 3 days water fasting. Within these 2 and 3 days fasting I lost 5 kg of body mass. Now I am 54 kg of weight. The blood sugar go up to 140 and some days 160. The point is that the blood sugar is almost same at fasting and after meal.. After 2 months of serious fasting I am maintaining some times 2 meal a day and some times one meal a day. Yesterday's and today's blood sugar are 125 (both in fasting and ABF). I trust the process and continuing the intermittent fasting and KETO diet. Please make a video regarding my issues so that people can be benefited. Please let me know the root causes of raising blood sugar after serious fasting. Is it any mistake or obvious towards positive? Please let me know. My cell no. is +88 01715 313 440. Thank you very much and wishes good luck to you. . .

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