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By: Flo

I was diagnosed with diabetes in Aug 2016 when I went for blood tests to confirm pregnancy - which happened after 13 years of Ttc! That's when they said I had diabetes. My fasting was 8.0 and Hba1c was around 6.5. Long story short, the endocrinologist put me on Fat Storing Hormone as she didn't want to recommend tablets during pregnancy. It was a roller coaster... injections and testing and trying to work out what to eat. My sugar readings didn't improve at all with Fat Storing Hormone and eventually miscarried... think it just have been the stress! Another pregnancy in 2017 also ended in miscarriage. This time I tried to not stress but took Fat Storing Hormone again on drs recommendation... but still didn't work out. I was put in metformin after my miscarriages which my body just didn't tolerate! So in Jan 2018 I decided it's time I took things in my own hands and that's when I came across Dr. Bergs videos and Dr. Fungs blogs. It blew my mind... made perfect sense. I immediately changed my diets and went low carb and keto. Felt a massive diff in weight (i wasn't overweight before) and my sugar readings improved. Test in April 2018 showed hba1c to be 5.7. I was so happy.. my gp cldnt believe it! My last test in Feb 2019 showed hba1c to be 5.4. My gp said I'm technically no longer diabetic! Eating low carb and keto has now become my lifestyle and I cldnt have done it without you Dr. Berg! I have now just started doing IF and I'm praying for a successful pregnancy soon. I never thought so much of our health issues is controlled by food. Thank you Dr for giving the right advise as all that I got told previously did nothing but damage my body!

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