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Mark Swaggerty Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Mark Swaggerty

I was around 260lbs. When I laid on my back I couldn’t breathe in very deep. My sleep was terrible. My back was always sore and my skin had little bumps constantly. I already “low carb” was my best bet to lose. While searching YouTube I found Dr. Berg. Within a week of going hard core, word for word, on his advice. I had lost 10 lbs and had unbelievable energy. Every week I was making great progress and feeling great. For the past month I’ve been at my goal weight 205 lbs. intentionally eating extra fat to maintain my weight as I exercise regularly. My skins smooth, my face wrinkles have nearly disappeared and my sleep is sound. This may sound corney but I truly believe Dr. Berg saved my life. I’ve inspired a few others around me to don the Keto banner as well. Berg might have even more keto success stories coming soon. Thank you!

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