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Shadab Ahmed Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Shadab Ahmed

I was a skinny regular kid until the age of 10. After that I just kept on gaining weight. In my teens, I did drop that weight but then it was like a see saw. I would've phases of extra weight and just about the normal weight. I used to think like everyone else - exercise and restricting calories would help me lose weight. It even worked for me until I was around 30. Right after my marriage I suddenly gained 10-12kgs within 6 months. I started to try the same formula of diet and exercise, but no matter what, I could not lose weight. I tried even extreme stuff like cold showers etc. Nothing helped and the struggle continued for 3 years. Things suddenly changed in March 2015 when I dusted my bookshelf and picked up `Why we get fat and what to do about it` by Gary Taubes bought 6 months. I learnt about Ketosis. Dropped around 4Kgs in first week and then constant 1.5Kg per week till I lost about 15 Kgs. My curiosity in Ketosis led me to read more books on the topic - Art and Science Low Carbohydrate Living, Low Carbohydrate performance. I've also watched many videos and read literature on the topic. At the same time I was losing weight, I started talking to people around me. Akshat Paul, he was featured in one of your videos, was inspired by me. I also tried to help my Type 2 diabetic father, who stopped using Fat Storing Hormone within a week. He could not keep up with the diet though.. Still, I have managed to help atleast a dozen people in losing weight. Not everyone believes me and thinks ketogenic diet is too hard but I still help those who listen. In 2016, I kind of reached a plateau on ketosis. Despite high ketone count, I could not shed off more fat. Watching your videos I learned about IF, importance of vegetables on Keto which I dint care about earlier. I also watched a few videos of Dr Jason Fung and also started reading his book - The Complete Guide to Fasting. Started IF since this Monday, 29/05/2017 - 2x24 hours and 1 for 48 hours. Dropped 2 kgs in 4 days. People like you are hugely motivating and help bring scientific perpective to things regular people can miss. Thank you so much for your videos.

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