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Bella Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto

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By: Bella

I’ve had a thyroid problem all my life. I started gaining weight around 20, and since then it has been a constant struggle. I destroyed my metabolism by starving myself because it was the only way I was able to lose weight. I came across one of your videos when I was looking for a solution to hair loss and have been addicted to your videos ever since. I have changed my way of eating and I can’t look at people or food the same way anymore. Long story short, I hated my last beach pics and decided to give keto and if a try. To my shock and surprise it worked very fast and I was amazed that I even went past my goal to lose the weight. I felt awesome! I had energy and best of all, not once did I feel hungry! I was also able to get myself off my thyroid meds. I lost 20 lbs in two months. I got pregnant shortly after as well, which I was having a hard time with in the past. I was able to stay on keto for almost all of my pregnancy as well. I can’t thank you enough Dr.Berg for the valuable, eye opening information for a healthy life. I couldn’t have ever done it without you! Thank you for your sincerity and courage to do what you do. Very grateful, Bella

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