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By: Kitty

I stumbled upon Dr Berg's videos on YouTube one bored Sunday evening last September/October 2017. I enjoyed the videos tremendously as he explains everything so simply and clearly too. I was unhappy with my weight but more than anything I was pre-diabetic. I had skin tags. I had a shadow on my upper arm skin. I had keratosis pilaris on my arms and buttocks. I was flabby and wobbly. My hair lost its shine. My grey hairs were increasing, even my eyebrows turned 'salt and pepper'! My nails peeled. My skin was dry and flaky. I felt tired. My back hurt, My feet hurt, My bunions were inflamed. I felt really old. So I decided to start around December when I walked into Levis and nothing fit me, not even the largest item in store. That was my lowest point. I got home and packed up all the high carb foods in my kitchen and donated them to the homeless shelter and food banks in my local parish. I've never done keto ever before, this is totally new to me. Completely different to the food pyramids I was taught in the 80s! So I watched more videos and had to relearn everything I've been taught. I from apple cider vinegar to lemon / lime water to what vegetables contain what nutrition etc. I carried on with the intention of healing my body. As a side effect I noticed my clothes getting bigger. I looked like a child in my mother's clothes. I lost 30 lbs by August. I was a UK size 16 (US14/12), many designers don't even make clothes my size. I now wear UK10 (US6). Another unintentional side effect is that my skin glows, my hair shines, I still have grey hair but a lot less than I did, my nails grow and have a sheen, I don't even need any foundation or much makeup anymore. I look young I now get carded for ID every single time I buy any alcohol or try to enter a bar. I managed to turn back the clock thanks to Dr Berg. I have more photos but the upload feature only allows 1 before and 1 after.

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