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By: Nick Gurley

I started doing P90X April 17, 2017. I didn't get to work out every day like I wanted but I started eating clean and feeling better. Halfway through I came across one of your videos on Intermittent fasting. You were clear with your words and it made sense. I started applying the intermittent fast along with my workout and the results came faster than I ever imagined. In April I weighed 205 lbs. Here it is September 10, 2017 and I now weight 168 lbs and still dropping. Thank you Dr. Berg for your videos on intermittent fasting. I now have the knowledge to not only eat right but when to eat and what foods to eat to avoid Fat Storing Hormone spikes. It sure is nice to be able to bend over and tied my shoes and be able to breathe while doing so. Thank you again. God bless you.

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