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By: Richard Ocasio

I started at 320 pounds. I had trouble getting in and out of the car at work, and was not able to go on rides with my son. So they started the biggest loser competition at work. I started watching your videos and Thomas Delauer's videos. Between the 2 of you it made it so easy this lifestyle change. I started off by eating all the calories and keeping with the macros. I also was doing 30 to 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. My cardio would consist of carrying a weighted backpack and doing a full incline on the treadmill at a slow pace. I slowly started feeling better and better. And then started playing with how many calories I'm eating during the day and started the intermittent fasting. By the 3rd month I started one meal A-day in the work week, and on the weekend I would have 3 small meals with my family. At the end of the competition I won by losing 73 pounds in 3 months. To this day I still say this is the easiest lifestyle change I've ever done even after all of the different dieting that I've done. I am proud to say that I needed a new uniform for work. After the 3 months I switched from doing cardio to now lifting because I do want to bulk up a little bit. My weight has stabilized which is great because that has never happened before but my waistline keeps getting smaller so I know this is still working. I thank you very much and also thank you for doing the collaboration video with Thomas Delauer.

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