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By: Lawrence Allhands

I'm a soldier in the Texas Army National Guard. When I turned 49, my body went out of control, gaining weight rapidly and my annual Army physicals and blood work indicated all kinds of problems including low thyroid, lower testosterone, high cholesterol, and my blood pressure was borderline hypertension. Each year my weight increased, taking me from my former "normal" of 6'3" tall & 250 lbs to 265 lbs, 275 lbs, and then 285 lbs. I could not exercise enough to lose this weight and my energy level and emotional state went through the floor. My sleep pattern was horrible and as a soldier I could no longer pass my PT test for the first time in my life. Depression set in pretty heavy until hurricane Harvey hit. I was mobilized and worked the night shift at the command headquarters and during that time I found Dr. Berg's videos. I quickly realized I had Fat Storing Hormone resistance and had been fighting my body for years trying to out-exercise my poor dietary habits. I started the Keto and Intermittent Fasting lifestyle shortly after the hurricane duty ended in the Fall of 2017 and have not looked back. Now I am 6'3" tall, lean at 238 lbs and have an abundance of energy. My blood work and symptoms all normalized and the Army doctors were astonished when I told them what I had done to achieve this without medications. My neighbors call me the energizer bunny because they observe that I rarely slow down my activity level. I have since continued my diet and lifestyle successfully. I enjoy finding new ways to add fat to my diet through new recipes. I have even started a Facebook group because so many people asked what I had done to make such a dramatic change in my body. In the group we all share experiences, encourage each other and share dietary tips we find and we all watch Dr. Berg.

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