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By: Philip Nigro

I'm 50 years old and have been adhering to the OMAD diet for one month. Im 5'6" and was 171 lb last month and now 154 lb and have lost fat reserves all over my body most of my fat was stored in stomach and noticed loss of fat all over; I do have a before pic , none with shirt off I didn't expect the results. I have watched all your videos and the affects of OMAD have been spot on. I eat my meal at noon and no longer experience hunger. Before OMAD I was obsessed with eating. I have never been obese , 171 was probably my highest weight and have a fairly good activity level. I have increased energy levels and no longer take naps. I use to take naps almost daily. Muscle definition in arms and legs is noticeable , didn't realize that I had fat stores in my legs as well.

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