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patricia porter Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: patricia porter

I'm 49 yrs went into menopause last yr and gained 10 lbs and was already 20 lbs overweight. Started following you and learned i was headed towards pre diabetic and was pretty sure Fat Storing Hormone resistant with a fatty liver. Had all the symptoms, tired sleepy after meals naps daily, carbs were my maine source of energy lots of cravings for sugar. My justification was snack size candy cookies and ice cream. My eating habits were 6-10 times daily. My joints hurt and traveled from one place to another. Lifted heavy weight 3-5 times weekly in the gym 5 times weekly, and nothing changed. drank 64 oz water daily. started keto in the end of July and continuing my journey have lost 18 lbs , most of all my joint pain went away no more naps, stopped the over drinking of water for nutrients purpose. Started drinking vinegar and had results instantly. Sleeping and waking up refreshed. Implemented adrenal& cortisol support at night, your message tool , yeast both D3 k2 , your raw wheat grass supplements, electrolytes. Also intermittent fasting one &two meals daily no snacks except when I cheat moments. Have green smoothies daily also healthy fats. I have lots of energy no more knee pain. Feel great look great and looking forward to this coming year. Please don't change and keep it coming. Thank you for your caning honesty, I thank God for bringing you into my life. These tools and info has changed my life for ever, Merry Christmas to you and your family. i can send pics through email.

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