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I lost 70+ pounds

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I was dealing with several issues. I was gaining weight rapidly yet, eating a clean, healthy diet and working out consistently. I was experiencing debilitating mood swings, fatigue and depression while my doctors kept adding medications to “fix” the problems. In the spring of 2003 I ended up with a deadly case of pneumonia that wouldn’t respond to antibiotics and a fungus in my lungs due to mold exposure where I was living. Before all of these issues my weight stayed around 125 to 132 lbs, but during this crisis I ballooned to 212 lbs which was my heaviest. I would look in the mirror sometimes and wonder who I was. Through Dr. Berg’s program, I have regained my health and feel better than ever. I have now lost 71lbs of the weight I’d gained and have only 10 more lbs to go before I finally revisit my old self. I’m also off of most of the medications that were added during the crisis. I’m back in the gym and doing wonderful.

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