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By: Wendy Patton

Hello Dr. Berg! Thank you for being so passionate about getting healthy to lose weight by eating a ketogenic diet! You have changed our lives! My husband has lost 22 pounds and I lost 40 pounds in 5 months! I am also off of HRT! We feel great and plan to live the rest of our lives like this! You are also helping a lot of people who I share your information with! I started a FB group where we share our highs and lows and encourage each other. It's called Wendy's Keto Klub (with help from Dr. Berg) check it out! We are all huge fans! You are really making a difference! It all started with a pre-diabetes diagnosis for me at age 51! I was 188 pounds and knew I was at my "max" weight! I'm 5'10 so I tend to hide weight and never weighed myself so this day at the Doctor was a wake up call! Shortly after this I had a friend give me a bottle of Braggs ACV and I started googling what it was used for and You popped up on YouTube! I just did exactly what you said (and still do) and the weight flew off!! My husband who is fed by me was excited to come along for the ride and now we are maintaining and living this way from now on! It's like we were told a huge secret and now want to tell everyone! He stated at 186 and is now 166, I started at 188 and now 148, from size 12-14 to 6-8! I hardly have any before photos because I didn't want to be in pictures! I think these two shots tell our story.

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