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By: Majdi

I listen to all Dr. Berg's advice and I've been on Keto diet for 3 months now, I have zero sugar (nothing remotely sweet, almost 5% carbs which I only take from vegetables. I've also been fasting for the same period for 20 hours every day since those 3 months eating within 4 hours window max. I have lost 5 kg since then, but then I'm very slim only 65 kg male, I'm very comfortable with keto and fasting and I don't get hungry or feel short of energy although I do intense boxing while fasted for 2 hours 6 days a week. I love the energy I have which is sustainable and I'm very happy in general with a clear and more focused mental state. I did a blood test to make sure I'm ok with this diet and I had my results showing Keto+++ and very low sugar and slightly increased kolestrol which is normal. My problem is that Im not able to burn the stubborn belly fat which I don't have very much of but still i want to see those 6 packs below the fat but I guess that's because I'm adrenal, and I have very thin legs and butt. The issues I had in my blood test are low on protein which I presume is an effect of gluconeogenisis and I had elevated Uric acid which I'm currently fixing by taking Potassium citrate. I also had normal Hemoglobin which is odd given that I'm a heavy smoker and an intensive athlete. I would love some feedback to further correct my lifestyle to reach the optimum diet and exercise. my main problem now is that im not able to lose that belly fat and cant seem to build muscle in my lower body although I train it stays weak.

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