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By: Shawn R

Hi Dr. Berg! This is my success story! I have been following you since the first of the year. My friend Wendy P. started a few months earlier and shared her new way of keto life and your website and your youtube videos. She was having great success and I thought I would try it. I have struggled my whole life with being heavy. I had tried every diet with no luck. Because I'm 5'8" I can carry weight better than some. But my clothes were tight and I was the heaviest I had ever been at 195lbs. My food/drug of choice was sugar. Though I didn't realize it at the time, my food choices were mostly sugar or turned into it. All high carbs. So, on Jan 1, I went cold turkey. I also quit drinking all diet soda and began drinking water with Braggs ACV. The weight started melting off when my body started using my own fat for fuel. And there was plenty of it! I started to notice that my daily heartburn subsided. My energy started to return. My cravings for sugary things all but disappeared. For me this was huge! I LIVED off cookies/cupcakes. Sometimes they were my meals and my in-between meals! I didn't go to the gym, didn't want to raise my cortisol lol! Instead, did some walking, and my job and family farm chores have toned me up. I have lost 40 pounds in almost 9 months. Still, 10 more to go. What I have gained is a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life. I am the poster child for "if I can do it, anyone can". My family has asked if I am never going to eat sugar again. I say probably not. Others have said they don't want to "deprive" themselves. I think, of what? Of being healthy? Looking and feeling younger and better?? Seriously, it's a way of life, and not a diet. We as a culture have been lied to about healthy moderation of eating foods that aren't good for us. I compare it to healthy levels of lead...there aren't any. Lead is poison. Sugar(and anything that turns into it) is poison. Thank you to my friend Wendy for sharing Dr. Berg. Thank you Dr. Berg for caring enough to speak the truth. The diet and sugar industry doesn't want the public to know! I got my healthy life back!! Here is my before and after pics. What I notice the most, is how much younger I look!!

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