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Karen KorrasShares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Karen Korras

I have been successfully using the keto intermittent intermittent fasting diet plan since Thanksgiving November 2018. Today it is February 21st 2019 so it's been December January February three months. My inflammation has reduced significantly my mood and mental cognitive ability have improved significantly I'm active. I do not sleep after a meal in the afternoon. I am sleeping much better at night time. I have not lost more than 5 lb. And I only lost the five pounds when I did significant fasting for 5 days where I lowered my calories two under 1,200. I do not know that my wife just stays the same it doesn't budge so I've only lost those 5 lb. Oh wait now weighing 125 lb but my goal weight is 110 I think I'm going to give up on my goal weight. And just work on replacing fat with muscle so I'm going to start a circuit weight training program today and hopefully I can just build muscle and hopefully shed the fat and and then instant I don't care if I lose anymore weight or not it would be nice to be 110 bad if I'm 1 20 and muscular I'll be happy with that. I stick to this diet better than anyone I know. And all of my friends will attest to that none of my friends have the willpower and that stick to it like I have. They will all tell you that. I am not lying I just cannot lose any weight especially belly fat it just stays the belly fat was shrinking when I did the 5-day super fast of less than 1200 calories a day but it all came back when I went to regular high calorie keto intermittent fasting. When I lower my calories I don't have any energy and I tend to lose muscle and I can't afford to lose muscle due to my osteoporosis. So I will just focus on gaining muscle tone now. I do not have before and after pictures.

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