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By: Jason Aberly

I have been running for almost a year and a half and my weight wasn't really dropping, but I had lost about 3 inches off my waist so it wasn't all for naught. I had been hearing about keto through various outlets including Teicholz, D'agostino, Fung, Taubes, Noakes, Phinney and wondered why all these highly educated people were touting this "diet" where you eat a lot of fat, then get sick? (Keto flu) I gave myself a month to discover what it was all about, and haven't looked back. Shortly after going this way of eating, I discovered your channel and was thoroughly impressed with the quality, professionalism and overall content you provide...thank you. Fast forward nearly 4 months, my wife and I both participate in intermittent fasting (20:4) and we are both down significant weight. I started keto at 230lbs, and am now down to 189, my wife was 241lbs and she is down to 209lbs. Her asthma has markedly become better, and doesn't use her rescue inhaler anymore. (She does still use it before running) My shakes have drastically became better, and my blood pressure went from 140-150's down to within normal range. Your uploads have been instrumental in our progress, and I've been so excited that through instagram and facebook I've helped a dozen people learn about and more understand keto. There are so many more benefits I'm sure you hear about them daily I won't bother mentioning them all. Thank you for your time! Jason.

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