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Yashin Shares Amazing Results - Dr. Berg's Healthy Keto


By: Yashin

I have always had a sweet tooth and definitely overindulged and under-exercised. Beginning of 2018, 42 yrs old, I was 92kg (at a height of 181cm). My sugar was at 288, as per my annual checkup. Told I was type 2 diabetic, and put on metformin, which I could not stomach. Continued with this lifestyle till Nov 14th, where my weight dropped to 82kg (mainly muscle mass), was peeing twice to three times a night, and drinking up to 5 litres of water a day. Every part of my body was taking strain (silent killer). Finally I started looking through YouTube for options, and came across 1 video, then basically watched almost all videos, which inspired me to get myself in gear. I know if I start something, I can be very diligent, so I went all out, Keto Diet, IF 20/4, light exercise in morning for 40 mins and heavy weights in evening. I felt like dying initially!!! Not just the food, but the exercise (especially the next day). I persevered and dropped in 2 weeks from 288 to 117. My energy levels and happiness factors have increased tremendously, still plan to drop further, but I also need to rebuild my muscle and that is where it has been tough. I have only taken a before picture at the end of 2 weeks, as I am planning a body transformation to get from 25.2% body fat to 10% body fat

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