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By: Priyanka

I had been on the uphill of putting on weight since past few years and always wondered what I was doing wrong? I developed high blood pressure was put on two medications for it and always felt tired. I would take long naps during the day. Most of the foods I ate gave me headaches. It was frustrating because I never got my answers UNTILL I found Dr Berg. on You Tube who had so much information I always wanted. I watched each and every video and webinars of his took notes and educated myself first. I made a complete lifestyle change, it was definitely not easy without support initially but I was hell bent to to give up. So now after six months of keto and IF I am down from 185lbs to 150lbs I am still not at my ideal weight but I know I will reach there soon. Keto IF is legit!! My blood pressure came back to normal. I stopped taking medication for it. I feel great! I have a ton of energy and I do NOT take any more naps. I will always be thankful to Dr. Berg all my life who has secured a very special place in my heart forever!! ?? I really wish to meet him and thank him personally one day!

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