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By: Alicia Abernathy

I wanted to let you know that I found your YouTube video last night about the acupressure point for vocal chord paralysis. I've felt desperate for help regarding the vocal chord paralysis I've been experiencing for the last two weeks following a total thyroidectomy I had. My ENT wanted me to wait it out & let it heal on its own for two months then said if it didn't heal we could talk about options for speech therapy or surgery. Two weeks of no one being able to hear me anywhere I've gone and my husband not hearing me sitting next to me has been really hard for me to accept any longer much less waiting another two months. So I scoured the internet and tried the acupressure point you described in your video for two minutes and GOT MY VOICE BACK!! I am amazed and grateful for your information and that you put it on youtube for a wife, mother, and background actor who needs her voice in Dallas, TX to find. I can't say thank you enough! Alicia Abernathy.

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