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By: Dr. Anthony LaVacca

I am a 50-year-old male, who was a former Wrestler, judo, and cyclist. At the age of 45, my hips started to deteriorate. I then had bilateral hip replacement, and began to gain significant amounts of weight. After hip replacement, I went back to my normal workout routine, which included, multiple protein shakes during the day and for breakfast. I did the typical six meals a day, with all Meals, containing a significant amount of lean protein. Your typical low-fat diet. In 2018, I began to feel very heavy, and my wife told me that I needed to lose some weight for my kids sake and for my health. She told me many times in the past to get off the protein shakes. But I was so conditioned to having these protein shakes for years and I never believed her. Well now I do. I also had to give up or decrease my consumption of red wine. I’m Italian what can I say. I love my wine, I make wine, I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to entertain our family. When I started The ketogenic diet, I reviewed many of your YouTube videos. I also reviewed Peter Attia’s and Thomas Delower videos. After listening to multiple doctors speak about the ketogenic diet, I realize that this is not a diet but more of a way of life. So I started the typical ketogenic diet, with bacon and eggs in the morning, lunch and dinner. All of these contained Calorie consumption with the typical ketogenic lifestyle ratios, 70 20 and 10. The weight starting to come off. I begin intermittent fasting after two months of the ketogenic lifestyle. Once I implemented intermittent fasting, along with working out during the fasting Window. Is where I saw the most weight loss. I am now I am on a 16 hour fast, with an eight hour eating window, and keeping a ketogenic lifestyle ( I will admit I do have 6 ounces of wine every once in a while ) I purchased the mojo Keytone meter to measure my blood glucose and Keytone Levels. Currently I am 226 pounds, and looking to be 200 in the next few months. Dr. Berg I Wouldlike to thank you for Your dedication and passion to this field. I have sent your channel too many of my patients to help them lose weight, which in turn will decrease their sleep apnea, and their diabetes. I would love to speak to you if possible, my cell phone number is 312 246-6683 I am also open to doing any type of phone interview, personal interview or partnering with you on a video . Once again, Thank you for your time, your patience, and your passion for helping me and other people adapt a new life style. Dr. Anthony LaVacca American board-certified Prosthodontist 55 South Main St., Naperville, IL

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