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thank you for everything!


By: Erick Figueroa

I am 26 years old. My health life was a struggle for me. Not only I was gaining so much weight, I had acne, sugar and salt cravings, bloating, low energy, and sleepy after a meal. I was eating so many snacks and sugars to the point that it killed my metabolism. I knew I had to change. I saw Dr. Berg's videos and I loved it. I felt motivated. The beginning of September 2020, I weighted 196 lbs. With healthy keto and intermittent fasting, in January 2021, I now weighted 146 lbs. Most importantly, I have completely regained my health. I have tons of energy and have high metabolism. Thank you Doc for your inspiration and your passion for helping people. I learned so much from you. I took your healthy keto and IF courses, as well as your health coach training because I do want to help people regain their health. I wish I can meet you someday to thank you for all your hard work. Once again, thank you for everything.

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