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By: Jeremiah Huntley

Hi my name is Jeremifah I just started the The intermittent fasting for 16 hours I’m really excited because when I first started I was 359 I wait in October 9and ina matter of 8 day and mind you I am only eating Two times a day I now wait 347 this is really appealing to me because I was going to have the gastric sleeve done but I did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life so they told me that I had to start their meal plan which is in under 1200 cal and I start at that but I took To the next level and started eating 700 cal not nine and that I was fasting but my friend told me about intermittent fasting and then I stumbled across your video and it taught me how to do it correctly I really do thank you because I am feeling a big difference I feel like I have a lot more energy mind you I was in a 4x been in a 4X For like a year and a matter of days I am in a 3X and I am extremely happy please keep up the videos and possible please make more videos and regarding what to eat and how to eat as well as different kinds of drinks Thank you and God bless

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